1855-The year of crisis

November 2-Archbishop Carew dies

November 30- Francis Fitzpatrick dies

No. of Brothers reduced to 7

Alphonsus Tolan appointed Superior

The new Superior under the direction of the Archbishop sends a letter to Michael Paul Riordan, Superior  General of the Christian Brothers asking him to send Brothers to India so that the Calcutta Brothers could merge with them. Michael Paul Riordan replies that it is not possible

Merger with the De La Salle Brothers

In 1856 the Archbishop of Calcutta asked the Superior General of the De La Salle Brothers to amalgamate the 7 Brothers with his congregation.

Alphonsus Tolan visited Paris and London to try and persuade the De La Salle Brothers to allow them to merge with them.

In December 1858 the Calcutta Brothers merged with  the De La Salle Brothers who had the permission to open a new mission in Mangalore.

Frere Venere was appointed Provincial Visitor and Superior