St. Michael’s, Kurji

In 1864 Bishop Hartman asks the Bishop of Calcutta to send the Brothers  to Patna to help in the running of an orphanage set up by him.

Brs. Stanislaus Burke and Austin Nagle are sent to Patna.

Austin Nagle leaves the congregation and becomes a Capuchin Brother in  Agra.

Stanislaus Burke due to  ill health returns to Calcutta.

His replacement, Patrick Malone dies of  a fever within three month.

The only Brother left, Thomas Considine  is recalled to Calcutta

The first pay school

St. Joseph’s, Bow Bazar

St. Joseph’s Boarding and Day school was built in 1872(the present St. George’s  building) for Rs. 23,000

In early January, 1873 Alphonsus Tolan was appointed Superior, Paul Kinnear, Director of the Orphanage and Stephen Cuddy, Director of  St. Joseph’s.

The original St Joseph’s Boarding and Day School