The first  Novitiate

On 2nd March 1876,  Br. Paul Kinnear was appointed Novice Master and a regular Novitiate was set up in Dum Dum  with  Bernard  Young as his assistant.

Paul had also to take charge of  about 40 orphans transferred from Moorghihatta  because of insufficient space there.

The death of a saintly Brother

Br. Alphonsus Tolan

On 6th June 1885, Br. Alphonsus Tolan died.

For 37 years he bore the brunt of trying to keep the Congregation alive.

He was a man of great faith and had a great sense of humour.

Only twice did he go back to Ireland.

He lived for and with the Brothers all his life.

He spent 37 years of his life among the poor of Calcutta.