St. Vincent’s, Asansol

A notice appeared in a Calcutta newspaper in 1914 stating that a new highway was being built from Chowringhee  to Moorghihatta.

The Brothers hence decided to acquire land in Asansol to build a new orphanage.

In June 1918 Mr. P.W. Newson donated Rs. 2.50 lakhs to help build a new school.

Br. Joseph Moyes was put in charge of building the new school and his plan was to build 4 huge blocks in the form of a mighty rectangle.

Br. Moyes collapsed and died after he had constructed two blocks.

Although the construction of the school buildings began 1919, it was only in 1927 that 7 Brothers under the superiorship of Br. Gabriel Packenham  began to live in St. Vincent’s.

One of them was Bernard Lyng who returned to Ireland in 1993 and died a  year later.

St. Edward’s, Simla

The first community of Brothers was sent to Simla at the beginning of 1925.

“Milsington” the location of the school and community had 6 years earlier been rejected as unsuitable.

One of the members of this community was Angie Brogan aged 25 who had come to India only 3 years previously.

The school was handed over to the Diocese of Simla at the end of 1983