St. Mary’s, Mt. Abu

The request for the services of the Brothers came from the Bishop of Ajmer in 1928 to take over a railways school.

The government promised a grant of Rs. 10,000 per month and the railways Rs. 3000 per month

In January 1929 the school opened under the management of the Brothers .

The first community comprised Brs. Anselm Cooney,  Stan Joachim and Max Cooney

St. Aloysius, Quilon
In 1931 Bishop Benziger requested Br. Culhane, the Provincial to take over St. Aloysius School In Quilon.

The Brothers took over the school  in 1935 and in 1967 handed over the school back to the Diocese.

Br. Tom Ittickunnath was the Principal of the school from 1947 till 1967 when the school was handed back to the diocese