The First 4 Christian Brothers arrive

On the 18th of November,  1890, four Irish Brothers Vincent Casey, aged 40, Fabian Kenneally, aged 33, Edward Aherne aged 21 and Ambrose Flynn aged  21 arrived  at the Calcutta port.

Their journey from Liverpool to Calcutta took  46 days.

Brother Fabian Kenneally had a very high fever(suspected to be typhoid) before he reached Colombo and the Doctors thought that he would not survive the journey.

The four Irish Christian Brothers were met by the 4 Senior Calcutta Brothers at the Jetty and taken to the Orphanage where they had to have their dinner in silence

As most of the Calcutta Brothers were orphans they were lacking in the social graces

At night the Irish Brothers were taken to DumDum where they spent a sleepless night because of the mosquitoes