St. Joseph’s Collegiate School, Allahabad

On the 15th of January, 1908 St. Joseph’s Collegiate School, Allahabad  reopened under the management  of the Christian Brothers.

The first four Brothers were Gilbert Cooney(Director), Baptist Power, Dominic Fitzgibbon and Peter McCormack.

However the number of Catholics in the school being very small the Brothers withdrew from the school in December, 1915

Mount Carmel

Br.  Fabian Kenneally wanted the Brothers to have a holiday home in the hills that was closer to Calcutta than Naini Tal,

A site near Goethals was chosen for this home and the house built could accommodate 36 Brothers

When Brother Arsenius Ryan became Provincial in 1914, he made it the Novitiate and named it Mt. Carmel.

Br. Philip Studdert was the first Novice Master. He was succeeded by Br. Baptist Holland. Br. Luke  Aherene was the third Novice Master in Mt. Carmel.