St. Edmund’s, Shillong

In May 1913, Br. Fabian Kenneally travelled with Br. Stan O’Brien to acquire 24 acres of land to start a new school.

The land was leased for 50 years at an annual rent of Rs. 5 per year.  The lease would be renewed on the same terms as long as the land was to be used for a college.

St. Edmund’s School, Shillong was started in February 1916 with 32 pupils including a few day scholars.

The  Brothers now had another place where they could go up during the holidays.

Br. Luke Aherne was appointed the first Superior.


The death of Br. Gilbert Cooney

The Provincial, Br. Gilbert Cooney together with two capitulants attended  the General Chapter in Marino in 1920.

On his return to India, he fell sick and died on 31st January 1921 at the age of 59

Br. Baptist Maloney was appointed as the fifth Provincial to succeed him.

Br. Baptist Maloney died on 27th August 1927 at the comparatively early age of 54.