The War Years and Post Independence

The War Years

St. Edmund’s, Shillong was taken over by the army in 1942 and was converted into a hospital.

St. Patrick’s, Asansol was also converted into a military hospital in March, 1942.

St. Vincent’s was taken over by the RAF in April, 1942

The property in Dum Dum was requisitioned by the American army and they remained in Dum Dum till 1946.

A lean period for vocations

Mt. Carmel continued to function as the Novitiate in the 1940s with Br. Gabriel Packenham as Novice Master.

From 1945 till 1947 there were no Novices and in 1948, there was just one-Peter Gomes

In 1959, a concerted effort was started to get young men from the country to join the Brothers