St. John’s, Chandigarh


A Brief History of St. John’s School
Year 1959. Chandigarh had become the new capital of Punjab in the nineteen fifties. The Capital Project had built this school as an English medium school and the Christian Brothers were requested to take over the school. The Brothers acquired the property and building on 15th November, 1959. The first Christian Brother to be involved with the school was Bro. J. Crease.

By January 1960, pupils for classes 3 to 8 were being admitted. The first Principal was Br. Morrissey. The new school opened on 1st February, 1960. 41 pupils were present on the occasion.

Official support to the school soon came from the Punjab Government. To quote the Punjab Chief Minister of the day, Pratap Singh Kairon, Another commendable step in the development of the town (of Chandigarh) is the establishment of two educational institutions for boys and girls in the shape of St. John s High School in Sector 7-E (now 26) and Carmel Convent School in Sector 9. These schools fulfil a long-felt need for better educational facilities in the capital. 

By the end of 1960 the grounds were being laid out. As part of the greening of Chandigarh, the school campus was soon the setting for flowering trees, colourful shrubs and a variety of roses-a feature that we are still very proud of.

In 1961 application was made for affiliation of St. John s to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The first batch for the I.S.C. appeared in December 1963. They secured 100% passes. By now the number of pupils in the school had crossed the 500 mark.

By the beginning of the new school year of 1966, St. John s saw a change in Principal. Bro Morrissey ended his term to be replaced by Bro. O Shea who was to remain for 5 years. 100% success in the Indian School Certificate Examination in 1965 with all boys securing 1st Divisions was a fitting tribute to Bro Morrissey on his departure from St. John s. By now the roll call in the school had crossed 600.

A new Principal had arrived in St. John s in the person of Bro. Tynan in 1971. The years following saw an annual increase in the number of boys on the roll. During this time the school magazine The Soaring Eagle  saw the light of day.

1977 saw a new Principal arriving to carry on the good work of Bro. Tynan, in the person of Bro. Walsh. By this time the school had switched to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and the final class in the school was now to be the Class X.

In 1980 Bro. Bela became Principal of St. John s. By now a new school year became imperative with the change in the dates of the I.C.S.E. examination. This meant the new school year commenced in March rather than in January. Another development was the functioning of the St. John s Old Boys Association (SJOBA).

At the end of Bro. Bela s Principalship in 1986, a new Principal was appointed for St. John s. He was Bro.Whiting. Plans were drawn up to erect a new assembly hall and extra class- rooms as a new class was now being added on each year.