St. Patrick’s, Asansol


St. Patrick’s founded in 1891 is one of the twenty six Christian Brothers Schools in this country.

St. Patrick’s School was built in 1877 as a Scholasticate for Belgian Jesuits. It was abandoned by them because of severe Asansol climate. It was taken over by Christian Brothers in 1890 and opened as St. Patrick’s Boarding of Anglo- Indian and European Boys.

The first senior Cambridge class passed out in 1904 and since then Examination results have been remarkably good. I.S.C and I.C.S.E. were introduced in the 1970’s and results have continued to be excellent.

The games down the years have been a major characteristic of the school life. St. Patrick’s School team has taken part in many major tournaments. The winning of the District Open Football Tournament in 1926 is just one to start narrating with.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, a country that was once called “THE ISLAND OF SAINTS AND SCHOLARS.” The Christian brothers have worked for over a century in St. Patrick’s School and many of their Stalwarts are buried in the School Cemetery.